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The Ranch

These photos highlight the Historic UXU Ranch in Shoshone National Forest near Wapiti, Wyoming. The ranch began as a sawmill, as early as 1898. In 1929 Bronson Case “Bob” Rumsey obtained a permit from the U.S Forest Service to operate a dude ranch on the property, using the sawmill headquarters building, a lodge, and tent cabins. Most of the current structures were built in the 1920's and 1930's from lumber milled on the site.

Wyoming Wildlife Gallery

We often have many different types of wild animals coming through the ranch. And if not through the ranch, they are often viewed on the riding and walking trails. In the fall months the animal activity is at its highest. Coupled with the changing autumn colors, the fall season is really a photographer’s dream. There is nothing quite like seeing this wildlife in their natural state of being. It is important to remember that these animals are in fact wild and you do not want to approach them, but watching them from afar in their daily actions is something special and not available to many.