Activities at the UXU Ranch

The Yellowstone area is a vacation paradise!! This land may call you to strike out on your own, as it has for generations. Hike, mountain bike, run; the largest roadless area in our part of the United States beckons.

While you may not see many other people, buffalo, deer, elk, Sasquatch, bear, wolves, marmots, and even rare trumpeter swans are likely to cross your path.

The Madison. The Yellowstone. The Firehole. Hallowed names to those who fish for trout, and all within easy distance of the UXU. Closer still is the North Fork of the Shoshone, which just happens to be within casting distance of the Ranch.

There's also white water rafting that takes you under the bridge and past the ranch.

For kids, the most popular attraction besides the horses  is the creek winding through our property. We also have a kids program that educates as well as entertains.While they are occupied with nature, you can unwind in our BAD BEAR BAR or relax on our historic lodge's main deck. Afterwards, head back to your cabin and let the sound of the river carry you off to sleep.

Many of our guest cabins come with fireplaces or wood burning stoves, which tend to make them a little bit romantic, and they all have nice sitting porches.

As for the food, our menu pays respect to the region but it’s not without a certain flair. Which is why you might find poached trout and wild mushroom roulade sharing the same menu with a 14 ounce ribeye. 

There are a lot of other hospitable touches designed to make your stay what it should be, like the pool table, piano, porch swings, well stocked bar and horse shoe pit.

Of course this same hospitality extends to kids as well. So stop on by. It’s everything you could want in a western vacation.

UXU Ranch Rodeo & Photography Classes

Most folks wouldn't think of leaving without taking in a rodeo, and visiting the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, which James Michener called "one of the top four museums in America,"

You see, there's something about the land that brings out the artist in people. All that sky maybe. Or the mountains, standing proud beneath it. Whatever it is, it deserves expressions. So we offer photography classes taught by JL Grief Photography.  It's a way to take a piece of this experience back with you, and keep it forever.